Buster by Rhonda / Mom

I first saw Buster when he was approximately 4-5 months old. He was wondering around in the parking lot of my townhomes. He was dirty, hungry and had a harness on that was constricting his breathing. Someone had thrown him away!

I had 3 other dogs at that time (all girls) and so we added the Buster the the family. As a baby he was all legs and big feet. When I took him to my vet she said it looked like he was mostly greyhound with sharpai thrown in. When he was finally grown, he weighed over 100 lbs. He came to be my best buddy. Don’t get me wrong, my girls are all very special too, but that was just something about the “big” guy that was special. He was always a perfect gentleman — he bowed behind me until I went out the door first and he always let “his” girls into the house first
after being outside.

My younger brother lives with me and he and Buster would “drink” beer together. Brother 1 can, Buster 2 tablespoons. It became a ritual – and then chase each other around the yard. Every night when I got home, his head would pop up in the window and he would welcome me back. I would get head butts, teeth nibbling and alot of licking for coming home!

Unfortunately, he got out of the yard right before Thanksgiving. I was frantic – I posted signs, call and went to the pound, did everything I could to find him. Someone had picked him up and when they realized that he was not totally healthy (he had arthritis) they let him go and didn’t call me. He was hit late on Monday night not too far from home, and some nice people stopped to help him. They did call. I got there just before he passed and I got to say good bye to my big boy.

I had him cremated, so he is now home with me. We all miss the big lug – he has left such a hole in my life. Just remember Bus – Mom loves you and you take care of your Endora and Krystal until Mom can join you.

All my Love


With Love - From now until Forever,