Buster by Vincent Bucci / Vince Bucci

I’ve met alot of cats in my time but Buster was one of a kind. Buster and I were very close. We hung out together and watched alot of movies throughout the years. It’ll never be the same without him. We got Buster in early 2001; he needed a new home so we gladly took him in. My mother and I took care of him and we loved him very much.

In the summer of 2002, Buster was diagnosed with diabetes. Life wasn’t easy for Buster; he had to go to the vet sometimes two or three times a week. Once we got Buster’s blood sugar under control, he lived a happy & normal life again. My mother & I loved him dearly &
I know he loved us too.

Sadly on Aug. 7th (2005),Buster began having seizures and other problems throughout the night. We took him to the vet early the next day hoping he could be saved. The doctors did all they could to save him but they said Buster wouldn’t make it through the night. It broke our hearts to have him put to sleep but we had to end his suffering. We will always remember you Buster…


8, Aug 2005
Vincent Bucci