May 5 2001


He was a stray who stole our hearts. . .

We are so grateful for the nine months we had with him.

Where Buster is . . .

The dogs make the thunder and the lightning.

The bathroom consists of low-growing shrubbery.

There are birds to chase all day long.

The dogs throw balls that the cats have to fetch.

The dogs run and run all day long.

The dogs don’t need any water.

All of the dogs get along.

All of the treats are cheese vegetables and hot dogs.

There is dancing without music every evening.

Dinner is served all day long.

All of the dogs take turns rubbing tummies.

No one wears collars and leashes.

It is okay to bite when you’re afraid.

No one gets hurt.

The milk gets delivered whenever he feels like it.

Boxes abound.

All the dogs play footsies.

There are lots and lots of things to sit on.

All the dogs have their own cars.

Kerri Ed and Mickey