Buster H. Winters by Sandra Winters & Dean Smith / Meow~Ma Sandi & Paw~Purr Dean

In March of 2002, Dean and I visited with his uncle Gary and saw the most adorable litter of kittens we ever did see! Poor uncle Gary had 2 litters to find homes for, and our lives were forever changed! There were so many kittens to choose from, each of them with their own little personalities, and markings. I just couldn’t choose! Then it happened. A friskie little white and tiger kitty with remarkable double paws came right up to me and started squeaking.

The others just sat there quivering, trying their best to back as far into the corner as possible. So I picked up the little cat, and told him that since he chose me, I would be his new meow~ma.

It was 2 weeks later when uncle Gary dropped him off to me. He took a few days to get adjusted to his new home, and spent hours just laying down with me on the couch, curled up all cute and cuddly. I had a hard time coming up with a name for him…it had to be as purrfect as he, and fitting! After several nameless days, my kitty started to be a little naughty, and I was constantly saying “Listen here Buster!

You better behave!” Well one day, I had said it several times and it was decided……. “Buster” fit, and thus he was named. He had several nicknames as well, Bup, Buppy, Buster Dog, Hot dog, among others. His Paw~purr and I just adored him, and spent much of our time catering to his every whim. Buster had a favorite toy, a little tigger from a Happy Meal. He would pounce on it, roll around, and hold him in his huge paws.

He’d lay down on his tigger toy and take his little cat naps. When he started getting bigger, we’d allow him to go outside to make friends. There were a lot of strays we referred to as “The trashcan kitties” They were his best friends, atleast the girls were! The Toms didn’t like him much, as he was pretty territorial, and they lived
in fear of his massive paws.

We never did have any trouble with Buster needing to be patched up after a fight…there wasn’t a cat around that wouldn’t literally bow down to Buster, the King of the Trash can Kitties.
One day, Buster brought home one of his girlfriends. She was obviously pregnant, and in need of food and love. She refused to go back to her own home, and followed Bup around like she owned him.

It was a riot. She would get really ticked off at the other female kitties if they came around. So we took her in and allowed to her to have her kittens at home with us. They were born August 6th, 2003. Buster had been acting funny that afternoon, meowing and chirping, and looking for a place for her to give birth. Pacing like a new dad in the maternity wing! He got our attention, and we placed Misty Meow~ma kitty into a box. That evening, she gave birth to Jasper, Boop, and Bagherra…. all of which were undeniably Buster’s. Misty was a good Mama to her Kittens. But what really amazed us was Buster, and the way he would look in on the little ones. When Misty would go outside for a stretch, he’d even get into the box and start cleaning the kittens,
he was always very gentle and loving.

As they got bigger, he started wrestling with them, again, he was gentle, and seemed to be training them for the future……pouncing, swatting, rolling, scamping. He was never too rough. When the kittens were old enough to venture outside, Buster went right out with them, never leaving their sides, always watching, and waiting for
an opportunity to protect them.

If they wanted to stay out…he would too. If they came in, he came in too. We decided that we’d keep Jasper, and that my live in niece could have Bagherra. Boop and her Mommy went to new homes. So for awhile, it was just Buster and his boys! Buster was also a great hunter.

He brought home gifts of birds, mice, and even a squirrel! He was a patient stalker, never taking his eye off the prize, and teaching his kittens likewise. Buster died recently, My niece has moved away and taken Bagherra with her, so now its just Dean, Jasper Kitty, and I. We all miss Buster sooo much, and hope that God is taking extra special care of him.

Everyday is a challenge for us, just going home breaks my heart now, knowing that Buster won’t be there waiting. Maybe he’s in heaven looking out for us now, and keeping God’s lap warm.


In Loving Remembrance,
Buster H. Winters
Sandra Winters & Dean Smith