Buster H. Winters by Sandra Winters & Dean Smith / Meow~Ma Sandi & Paw~Purr Dean

B is for Buster , our baby, our friend, our beautiful kitty ! Why’d your life have to end?

U is for unbelievable, this just can’t be true! There’s still so much love in our hearts left for you!

S is for silence, no more chirping meows, no more scratching at the door, nor pitter patting paws.

T is for treasured, every moment we shared. How could God take you from us? We just weren’t prepared!

E is for eternal, I guess God needed you more, I wonder does God let you keep his lap warm?

R is for remembrance, we shall never forget, Buster our kitty, our baby, our pet.


In Loving Remembrance,
Buster H. Winters
28, May 2004
Sandra Winters & Dean Smith