Butch by Frank / Daddy

In our journey through life
you’ve always been at my side
At times it has been bumpy
but we’ve both enjoyed the ride.

We’ve had our challenges,
our ups and our downs
Our mistakes,
our accidents and the odd grumpy frown.

But you’ve become part of my family,
a mate, a gentle friend.
You’ve given me unconditional
love and company right up to the end.

Now it’s time for us both to move on,
we wouldn’t let go if we had the choice
You read the thoughts in my eyes
and heard the cracks in my voice.

Nature has set the rules,
but it still doesn’t seem fair
It’s hit me hard,at times almost
too tough to bear.

But now there’s no pain,no suffering,
you’re peacefully at rest
Till we meet again my dearest friend,
you were simply the best.


We love you forever in our hearts,
28, Feb 2014