BUTE by pamela Rose / Bute Rose


A posty was up on the email for Borderbility

To save this sweetheart from the death penalty

For her owners were parting and Bute had to go

There was nowhere else found and

that’s why it was so.

Having lost my dear Rannoch in june 2003

It was inconceivable she should not

come live with me

There was not second thought given to her arrival

It was a matter of course, most important,

her survival,

she came into my home where she was meant to be

It was as if she belonged,

it was so instantaneously.

She came as a rescue but she rescued me.

The timing was right and it was meant to be

But I am sorry if your change

of home brought misery

I thank Borderbility and for those who care

For rescuing her, and her life they did spare

Her pretty face and nature were a lovely surprise

Her winning smile and tenderness and

the sparkle in her eyes.

It was said Rannoch sent this angel to me

As she was named from the Isle of Bute, quite extraordinary.

For ‘Raasay’ and ‘Rona’, named after the Hebrides isles

Were already here, and living in style,

But, they were happier playing

in the garden than following me around

And often I would question whether

in the house there was a hound.

But from the time Bute came

she never left my side,

From the desk to the bedroom there

was nowhere I could hide

When Robbie then Rannoch died I wanted to follow

But Bute saved me and helped me

whilst in that deep sorrow.

I didn’t expect that help,

it was just outrage at the thought

That a life be lost if a new home

was not immediately caught.

A few months later she was ill and

something major was amiss.

The biopsy showed that it was chronic active hepatitis

So she went on special diet and pills

It was then Destolit, Pred and LD Hills.

Then pancreatitis attacked but having

killed my Rannoch and Robbie

This time after IV, 6 days,

it was not going to take Bute from me

And the diet changed and health was restored

With walks on the heath which she adored.

Then one day this February, so ill she became

white cells had rocketed and cancer was to blame

the spleen and its aggressive tumour

were taken away

But no guarantee that these cells

were not elsewhere at bay.

And lumps found in the mammary were then de-capitated

but in the liver were necrotic cells poorly differentiated

and these were the enemy that intended to kill all in sight

and first they took away my darling’s appetite

and we tried to fight them with what we could

but evil was their plan and destroy they would.

A black day came on the 4th April

That made the breath in my Bute for ever be still

Cancer in the liver took my girl away

Left me desolate, left me in disarray

It could have been later but suffer no more

Was better for her when there was no cure

So home she came for her last moments to spend

By the carpet and the fire to be with her friend

And the terrible vacuum that she has left behind

She will never be truly gone and always in my mind

As the angel who came from out of the blue

Who gave all her love and devotion, my Bute adieu

She will lie with my babies, another star in the sky

They will cherish her and love her whilst I have my cry.

You fought so valiantly through illness and disease

You loved life, dinner, my bed, the Heath and the trees.

we went to Sussex, We visited the sea,

You came to dad’s, and gave joy to Wally.

Loved chasing Raasay and Rona when they ran for the ball

Those walks were your delight.

The excitement of it all

And one day they may find a cure for these evils

That weaves its destruction and tortures and kills

That takes away our loved ones whether four legged or two

One day we will get it and pierce it right through.

Vitamins may help diffuse the aggression

that cancer and disease use for oppression

I but hope that all that could have been done was done

way back in these months when you still had fun.

And my Bute farewell

My dearest wee friend

Who was cherished and loved

Until the end

A short time with me, but 2 ½ year

From that glorious day in 2003.

And thank you for your love and the last of your years

And thankyou for the love and all of the cheer,

You captured the hearts of all whom you met

Not long enough time is my regret.

And thank you to all who have given support

Who too have lost loved ones,

and who have been distraught.

You came as a rescue needing love and nourishment

But in reality I was the rescue

to whom you were sent,

Run free my love, with the wind run free

You are in my thoughts as carved in a tree.

Meet up with all loved ones,

whose heartaches we share

Those whom we all miss so and see how they fare

Be a wee messenger with your gift of love

Take all our messages of peace like a dove,

And may peace be your future and

no more illness or pain

And one day if possible I’ll join you and

we’ll be together again



My Bute thank you,
4, Apr 2006
pamela Rose