Button by Mystique / Misty


When I think of you I smile
When I tell of your antics I laugh
When I saw you laying in the parking lot today I cried
I just hope you felt no pain.

You were the coolest cat I’ve ever known
You always stayed right under my feet
Gracing me with your cute, squeaky little meow
With every breath I took.

You were gone for over a month
I looked and called for you every day.
You came so close to coming home;
You were only 20 feet away.

Where ever you are now
I hope is filled with things you love
Stocked full of treats and tableclothes to shred
Forever and ever and ever

I love you more than you could know
And I know you loved me back
I miss you always and forever
And hope that maybe I’ll meet you again one day.


I love you baby,
13, Apr 2003