Button by Stephanie


I was supposed to get you
for Christmas
But I couldn’t wait that long
The day I saw you at
four weeks old
I just had to sing a song.

I had to wait until
you were 6 weeks old
Which wasn’t a bad thing really
I’m glad you were
all mine to hold
I loved you so very dearly!

The day I got you on advent day
was the best early christmas
present ever
I didn’t think your death
would happen
Not to me never ever!

It’s Just a shame
that Cancer Killed you
I’ve kept the treats tin
in memory of you!
Each day I shake
it hoping you’d come
I couldn’t name everything
I love about you!

You Fell asleep on my dad
You tried to jump
in my bowl of Pasta
I remember these things
hoping I would recover faster!

I will never loose
your Photo’s Button!

I miss you a lot and
so Does my Family and Friends
Rest In Peace my little Darling

Love from



21, June 2001