Buttons & Oreo by Stacy Akers / Stacy Anne

A Rabbit Is Love
You came in the world,a gift from God
You was given to me, to love, to cherish, to keep.
I cherished you with all my heart and soul.
God sent you to earth to be with me and to give me those tiny bunny kisses.
Nights and days we played together side
by side and grew together
Rabbits are the sweetest pets to have
their soft, lovable, sweet, playful,and cute.
Buttons and Oreo was the greatest gift from God that anyone could possible receive
My rabbits was a very big part of my heart and soul; they came into my life and made me smile when I was sad.
I knew that I was lucky to get these two very sweet and loving rabbits.
My two rabbits will always be in my heart and soul, for they are the greatest thing to me.
Rabbits are love, friends, and family.
Deep in my soul I’ll never forget the two things that changed my life for good.


With Love and Care,
Buttons & Oreo
30, Dec 2004
Stacy Akers