Chocolate Chip


Aug. 1989 —- Feb. 1997


My husband had always wanted a large Airedale.

One day I found a kennel that had Airedales.

I met the owner and 2 of his females had 19 pups between the 2 of them.

I brought my husband there and he was like a kid it was great!

He picked her out and since the breeder was going out of town I

got to keep her early. She was a huge dog 102 lbs. and very sweet.

Little kids were never frightened by her. She looked like Teddy Ruxpin if I

didn’t shave her. She was getting very weak and health problems.

She loved our boys and all the cats I ever had. I still have one of the cats that

grew up with her Casper.

Whenever I told Cookie to lay down so would the cat he still does!

We will always miss Cookie.

She helped me get over my fear of big dogs.

We love you Cookie.

Sherrie & Richard