by Agatha Weeks / Author: Agatha Weeks


Today I was walking the river, my four legged friend and me.
But in looking into her steel grey eyes,
instead of enjoying the beautiful scenery,
I hung my head and cried.

You see, my four legged friend has cancer,
and won’t be around for long they say.
Now all that’s left for me to do
is help her enjoy each day.

While the evening sun was setting
on the sky blue waters below,
jet streams were steadily crisscrossing the sky,
and the heavens were all aglow.

Together we headed towards the bottom of the hill,
where we watched the cars as they slowly passed us by.
She listened carefully to the unfamiliar sounds,
while walking closely by my side.

When starting up the incline,
every step she’d take with me.
Staying so close beside me,
until I could hardly bend my knees.

Then, she walked in front,
but not too far without glancing back at me,
to see if I were still beside her, for there was
no other place she’d rather be.

We made it to the top of the hill,
our destination of the day.
By now the clouds though once crimson,
were slowly fading away.

The waters, they too were less vibrant,
their colors now a misty grey.
The current was slower, the evening about over,
they were preparing for a brand new day.

Over in the far corner, overlooking the bluff,
sat a bench so inviting to me.
We walked right over and sat on down,
my four legged friend and me.

With the wind blowing gently in our faces,
and the setting sun shining softly in our eyes,
she turned to me and licked my hand,
while making a little sigh.

Even though I tried to enjoy the moment,
my wandering mind would sometimes stray;
into the realms of tomorrow, with the
thought of her soon passing away.

Suddenly, I realized how foolish I’d been
to have let grief stand in my way.
To spoil our fun and put a damper on,
what should have been a beautiful day.

For by fretting about tomorrow,
and by worrying about yesterday,
I was missing out on what was happening right now,
by not focusing on today.

I have to give thanks to my four legged friend
for helping me to finally see,
the importance of each precious moment,
and what they should mean to me.

Now our day is over, and I know that all
good things must end,
but I’ve learned a valuable lesson,
and it’s because of my four legged friend.

For it’s not about where we’re going,
nor where we might have been,
but it’s all about enjoying the present,
and this I owe to my four legged friend.

Author: Agatha Weeks


Agatha Weeks