by Amanda / Amanda Dolly My Angel 2007

My Little Angel early this morning you entered into heaven. I will miss you deeply taking care of you sence you were born 5 weeks ago has really meant a lot to me. I will never forget those little brown eyes looking up at me and purring nonstop. Last night was really good to see you trying to walk on your own even though your little feet stumbled and you fell and I helped you right back up I was so proud of you last night. I really thought you were getting better. Then this morning I found you and seeing you lying there really broke my heart I thought I could do everything to save you, a big peice of you will always remain in my heart forever. I will never forget you, my sweet little girl. I love you, Dolly. You’re in a better place. You’re not suffering anymore, sweetheart. There shall come a time we shall meet again wait for me at the gates my little girl and I shall scoop you up in my arms and hold you like I use to and kiss your little head. Rest in peace little one.