by Amanda Hayward / Amanda Hayward Copyright 2013

When I first met you,
you filled my world with
an incredible sense of love,
Your name fitted you perfectly
as you had the ability to make
anyone and anywhere shine
with your presence,
You settled in immediately
and we felt that you had been
with us forever,
Bow became your little,
big sister and taught you
all the house rules.

You became one of ‘the pack’
on the park and Bow shared
her friends with you.
You and Bow loved you each other dearly
and it showed with the times
I would see you sleeping side by side,
You teased each other
but were always the best of friends,
You cared for each other
when one of you was not well and
when you became really poorly,
Bow shed a tear and
slept with you every night.

You had a zest for life
and a free spirit which showed
as you ran and played,
You loved the great outdoors and
played at the seaside and any park
we took you to.
You had an army of friends,
not only dogs but humans too.
When you met a friend or someone new,
your love showered on them
like a gift from the heavens and
you brightened their day.

When you looked at me,
your eyes penetrated my sole with love.
You were love.
You were a gift from the angels
and the fact that you were white
made you an angel.
You loved to have your belly rubbed
and you loved to be kissed and cuddled.
Waking up with my arms around you
and not knowing how you got
there showed how truly special you were.

Unfortunately, the time I spent with you
was so very short and the light
that shone around you sadly faded away,
You went to sleep and the angels
took you back to heaven.
You now sparkle in the sky.
I was so blessed to have you in my life
and I am thankful for each day
I had with you,
Till we meet again,
my beautiful little girl.
I love you and will never forget
you as you are imprinted in my heart.


Amanda Hayward