by Amy Elizabeth Bye / Amy Elizabeth Bye

Life on earth is ending, it has to be today
I’m going home to Heaven, I have to go away.
I do not want to leave you, but I’m afraid I have to go,
But I promise to be with you to look down on you below.
It hurts me very deeply to watch your sad tears fall.
I want to hold you tightly I wish you heard me call.
My absence is a cross that you will have to bear.
I wish we were together it all seems to unfair.
But then I look around me and smile a real grin
Because Heaven is so much better than anywhere I’ve been.
I’ve reunited with the loved ones who went before myself.
Everyone is blessed here with happiness and health.
I really miss you my friend I know you miss me to.
Well see each other soon enough life never ends it’s true.
Talk to me I’m listening even though I can’t reply
I’m in Heaven waiting for you friend so please try not to cry.
I was on earth for the time God needed me to be
Then he needed me to come home and from pain he set me free.
Understand it’s not your turn but one day he’ll call for you
And then well run and play together like we always use to do.


Amy Elizabeth Bye