by Andrea Marek / Mamma (Andrea Marek)

Dear beloved and precious baby Bella,

It isone year and one day since you were suddenly taken from me. However, my grief for you has not lessened. I cry everyday, Bella. Sometimes just a small tear. Sometimes buckets of tears. I wish I could have done things differently. If I had found another doctor for you, you would be alive today. I am so sorry my baby. I thought at the time I was doing my best for you. I am so sorry. Please forgive your mamma for the pain and terror you felt before you were taken away. You did not deserve any of it. You were -and are- a beautiful, loving, and wonderful friend. You were -and are- more than “just” a pet…you were -and are- my forever fur baby. I love you so much.

I miss you so much. Never does a day go by that I do not kiss the crystal bowl where your urn lays. I wish I could turn the clock back. I miss your love, beauty, friendship, companionship. I miss loving you and taking care of you in all the ways you needed taken care of. I remember the last time I brushed before you became gravely ill. It was Sunday evening. You loved getting brushed. I would just show you your brush and say “Bella, let’s have a brush, let’s have a brush!”
and you would come running.

You were very patient for a kitten, letting my comb you and then “Zoom Groom” you and then brush you. At the end, you layed on your tummy with your front paws tucked under your chest. Your head was pointing ahead of me. I bent down to kiss you on your head between your ears. You brought up your sweet face to meet mine and gave me a kiss on my nose. That is the last time you kissed me. You had such a beautiful and loving heart. You were so aware. I miss you so much. You are now longer away from me than when you were with me. You died just nine months after coming into my life and heart. However, as long as I think of you and remember you, you are still with me. In spirit. I love you, Bella. I always will. You were -and are- a gift from heaven. I will aways be your mamma. Sleep well, my precious girl. You are my beautiful baby Bella.


With love always,
Andrea Marek