by Andrew / Andrew Ashton Copyright 2008

I dedicate this Poem to my Cat Megan who died Nov 2007.

My Friend until the very end.
Always there when I needed to cry.
Always there when I wanted to die.
Always there when I wanted a Friend.
Always there when I Needed to laugh.

Now your gone, I cant hold on.
Your soul is with me always and forever.
I love you still, it will never change.
But my heart can not hold this pain.

The Pain you suffered, was so bad.
That Dad had to take you away.
You were scared, because i was not there.
But if I could change It I would be there,
so you knew I loved you.
I gave you a kiss and told you “I loved you”
and when you returned motionless and deciesed, I fell apart.

For 15 years we were friends and problems got worse as you came to your end. I remember crying to our song. I remember how we use to sleep for so long. I loved you then, I love you now, and I will always love you.

You were my BEST FRIEND.

Mar-1993 to Nov-2007