by Angela / many authors

Spirit in the Sky, who watches over my Gordo. My prayer and my request that you grant greater understanding and acceptance to everyone: those who loved him and those who hated him. That they will know how loyal he was to me, How brave he acted for me, and how loving he was. Help them to accept him as the breed he was and not let the few bad’s shine brighter then the many great traits he had. And those who would’ve had killed him let them know I forgive them, and those who would’ve had beat him let them know I still love them even though is not the honorable way. Thank you for all the strong traits he did receive. Help those to know that he stood for courage, strength and bravery. And as his Master I already know to let those who would come against his family know that he would of surely die defending us. And just one thing I would ask: Let my Gordo know I had no choice but to call him away, to please wait for me patiently at those pearly gates until I who chose him comes home. Until then Gordo, remember I made you who you where courage and loving at your best, I wanted you to know no fear, a cut above the rest, Not only did you Master that, you had thrown in loyalty too. You looked past my eyes into my soul, you knew I would die for you too. You watched the baby, you watched the house. My praise was always your crown anything I asked, and you always did your best, you where my best friend. But no one we came across liked you and it made me proud that you always knew why. The only thing you where guilty of was that you where just like me. And still everyone wanted to see you go, they wanted our happiness to end, And now I sit by and miss your presence, you who I called my friend Gordo, You made me who I am today, you never saw me scared or week I did my best to keep you safe even the times you where wrong. Will you please return the favor and stay by my side don’t ever let me forget you and be scared. I Pray that you went to sleep knowing that I loved and always will. Amen