by Anzelle / Anzelle Binks copyright 2010

You go to the pet shop and
what do you see a puppy
that is perfect as can be,
But there
is a problem
it costs too much
but you love it
your heart thrusts
finally you have enough
the puppy is gone.
The owner
you were too long.
You walk away
with tears in your eyes
trying not to cry
but the good news is it’s found a
home-ring you hear your phone you answer it
the owner calls.
He says how are you?
I was talking to the
pet shop owner
and he told
me about
He said you wanted the puppy very bad
and it made me oh so sad.
So I have good news
the puppy is yours if you choose.
I know the puppy will
love you.
Oh thanks you reply.
Well ok now bye bye.

The next day that dog is yours
but time flies fast
and now you hear that song.
I am so sorry that you will be
You no that its time
say good bye.
So you drive to the vet
the dog trying to breathe.
You pick your dog up you know she knows her
time is up.
You put her down on the table
and say
I will truly miss thee
dog who I loved.
Who was a comfort when all
was above.
This dog helped me understand
the true meaning of love and
what it means

And as I walked out that
I said god be with you Cocoa
and I love you.
I will never forget you.
Please don’t
forget me.

I also said sweet dreams my dog.

I am happy you died peacefully.

This poem is about what I felt like when I lost Cocoa and Jake.
Please pray for both of my angels.

Anzelle A 10 year old.