by Becky & Kenny Heggelund / Becky Heggelund

Our hearts and minds are full of memories of you
Your soft fur, your kind eyes
The sound of your purr as we lay down to sleep
The special vocal sounds that we understood.

The way you greeted us at the end of each day
At the door, like a dog
So faithful, ever loving
Always there to welcome us home.

We thought you would always be here
Eleven years were not enough
Time to spend with our dearest friend
Who asked for nothing but love.

Which you gave in abundance
Each and every day
And we were privileged to have known you
Our beloved friend.

Our last few weeks with you
Were precious, we knew
For your time here with us
Was ending, and God was calling you.

Your spirit will live on, we pray
In ever good health, on a beautiful shady porch
Where you can watch the day go by
And the squirrels run through the grass.

We only hope that you knew
How much you meant to us
How much we loved you
And how much you are missed.

We will never forget you, our beautiful boy.


Becky & Kenny Heggelund