by Bernard / Bernard Widell copyright 2008

Hello my muffin man,

I hope you can hear me. I’m here without you and it’s impossible. Impossible to go a day without waking up to you at the foot of my bed, or to hear the jingling of your collar as you go up and down the stairs. I miss your nose, and tail and the way you’d lick me forever and ever. I hope you’re happy now up in heaven with Molly Girl. Please watch over me and let me feel you when I feel so far. I’m holding your collar and bandanna close to me. Sometimes it sounds like you when I shake the collar, my best friend, my good boy. I miss you so much. I’m sorry I can’t be strong. You were the one who’d always jump up on my bed when I was sick or crying.

You’d cheer me up and now there’s no one. On that horrible night, you were dying in my arms and although you were suffering, I hope you felt my love, warm and comforting. To think that was the last night we’d share together makes endless tears stream. I remember your playful bark, and the way you’d need help getting out of the bathtub. I remember the way you’d growl at me when I was eating something, because you wanted me to share. You were my favorite little guy. I’ll never forget you and no one will ever take your place. I’ll see you in heaven buddy.

Please wait for me, and greet me. Nothing would make me happier than to see you, Daddy and Molly with open arms.
Till our next kiss my old friend.