by Blane / Blane

My little Buttercup, my little lady
Why did you have to go, I miss you so much,
the wag of your tail and the softness of your touch.
A love that was so unconditional,
even when I was having a bad day,
you had a way of brightening anyone’s smile,
in your own little way.
You would turn over
to get your belly rubbed and
raise up your head for a gentle kiss.
You were more than a pet to us,
you were part of the family,
a special litlle Schnoodle who will always be missed.

When I first brought you home
you helped calm the fears
of a little girl
who was afraid of animals and
shed many of her own puppy dog tears.
You were also a companion to little boy,
who has known you since his birth
and to the rest of us you were a precious gift
from GOD put here on this earth.

The things I remember the most are your big brown eyes
and that tiny little beard.
You would be able to talk with your eyes
without saying a word,
even when I was chasing you around and
acting so weird.
Your bark always demanded attention,
which I very soon learned to imitate.
But you had a way of always waiting patiently
on the couch even when we were late.
A simple tap at the door or
the window with your tail
to tell us when you needed to come in.
You had become our natural time clock
to let us know when
our day was to begin.
You also had those long legs
that allowed you to jump and to run,
like a speedy Gazelle you chased
those pesky squirrels and birds just for fun.

God put you here on this earth
for the sole purpose of sharing your love,
now I see you riding into heaven
on the wings of a dove.
You came to this earth with much excitement and love
you are truly an ambassador of
GOD’s real and unconditional love.
One day soon I’ll come rub your belly and
give you a kiss, you just wait and see
But be good for now my little Buttercup,
unitl we meet again.
On the couch in heaven is where you will be.
You were our tiny little angel,
who watched over us right from the start,
we love you Buttercup and you will always be in our heart!

Your family loves you!