by Bonni Bluh / Bonni Bluh, Author
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I pray to you dear Father up above,
because you have taken back your gift,
my little friend the one
I so dearly loved.

I pray you’ll reward him
for the joy and comfort he so clearly gave.

I pray for your forgiveness
when I kneel and cry
beside his tiny grave.

As I wasn’t ready to let him go.

You made me love him so.

I thank you for every moment you
gave us and pray you will rejoin
us one of these days.

I thank you Lord for this very special gift.
I pray you’ll stop these tears and
help me understand,
So I can remember him with happiness through
out the rest of my years.
His name was ‘TANGO’,
my Ferret of nearly 10 years.
Bonni Bluh


Bonni Bluh