by Brenda / Brenda Henslee 2008

“In Loving Memory Of Rusty”

Our most gracious Heavenly father, I call upon you tonight to help a very dear family that lost their cat “Rusty”, I ask of you to reach into their hearts and asure them that he is in your loving arms, playing, running and asure them that he is in your loving home and complete to play and run where there is no danger. Their hearts are still filled with so much sadness and hurt, I pray you will in some way help to ease that pain but remember the joy he brought even for a short time on this earth.

Lord please help them to ease their pain and know that someday will be united again, he was living in a wonderful Christian enviorment so be with this dear family, as humans its hard to let go of something that is special to us in our own ways and I know you do understand that, Lord Bless This Family, I ask this in your precious name, Amen.