by BRIDGET / Bridget Jones

I still remember the day you came into my life, so little and fragile and cute. You were the perfect playmate for Deeogee. I grew to love you
as if you were my child….

As you grew big and strong, your personality became very real. You were stubborn and headstrong, but always loving and attentive. The unconditional love you offered me was like none I had experienced.

I remember the nights when my life was falling apart, you were always there to greet me with a big smile and a wagging tail…always slept by my side on those long cold nights I spent afraid.

When we moved to the country, you were so happy there. The leader of the pack for the other dogs, you seemed so happy to have the space to run around and just be free. You greeted me at my car each day when I arrived from work. You were always happy and always a pure joy in my life.

Of all my pets you were and always will be my favorite. I cried on your shoulders so many times. You were there through the good and the bad.

Whenever I felt hopeless, one look at you and everything seemed okay. You made me smile when I thought I had forgotten how. You were my ‘baby’. You still are….and always will be.

I remember after the hurricane how afraid I was I’d lose you. When I returned home, I still remember the joy and relief I felt whenever I saw you and the other three dogs run up to me unharmed.

I remember the week you and Deeogee came up missing, how upset and afraid I was, how I searched for days on end calling and crying and searching…..and when you arrived home how relieved and happy I was and how I wrapped my arms around you and squeezed you.

I really wanted to have you in my life for many years to come. I have so much love to give you, and although you are gone now, you are always in my heart and this love is still here for you, my sweet doodlebug.

I miss you and I love you, and I pray that one day I will hold
you in my arms once more.