by Cassie / Cassie Babelcopyright2002

Who was Jasper.
Jasper was my little man.
He was always there to love.
He would meet me at the door everyday.
He would sleep between my legs at night.
He played in the garden we built for him.
Jasper was my little man.
He would love to bite his daddy fingers until he feel asleep.
He would help his daddy with projects.
He loved to eat off his daddy’s plate.
He loved to bite his daddy’s chin.
Jasper was my little man.
He has a little brother, Simba, who he taught everything.
He would comfort his brother til he feel asleep
He would play with Simba when ever he wanted to play.
He would snuggle up with his brother for an afternoon nap in their snuggly.
Jasper was my little man.
I wonder why I only got 8 months with my lttle man.
I guess I was lucky to have those 240 days with my little man.
Jasper your family misses you and will see you at the bridge.
We love you very much.