by Cassie / mommy

Remembering him on the 6th month anniversary

Last night I had a dream
Which you came and took me by the hand.
We footed up and into the heaven
I opened my eyes and saw a beautifully place.
A place filled with love and metals and all the bones that you wanted
And all the angels were gathering for a celebration
to welcome an angel back home.
And I watch the head angel put your wings and they all by gone to cheer I watch you walk over to me and you said Please don’t cry anymore for I love it here and I want you to be happy to live again. I then said: I can’t live with out you. You saved my life and without you I will fall
And he said No you won’t because I will always be there right beside you. Just look around I am in the air you breathe, I the shadow on the ground and I be with you to the end.I look at him and his white light and realize that he was home and that he be there always I then said:
You will always be in my heart. He licked my face and picked me up and dropped me as I was falling I saw his light drop down and surround me and he said Always.