by Celina Sherman / (Celina Sherman, 2013)

Dear God I write to you,

Praying that you can hold my Baby Kitty near to you until the day,

That we will see each other at the Rainbow Bridge,

And be together again to love, laugh, and play,

Please keep him in your arms as I know he misses mine,

Please hold him tight until he is in my site,

Then you can let him down, so he can run into my arms,

And I can hear his loving purring because he will be so happy

to be in my arms again,

He is such a loveable boy; he will keep your lap warm until

he can warm mine again,

Dear God, please hear my prayer, and keep my Baby Kitty safe and warm until that day we meet at the Rainbow Bridge again….

For my Beloved Baby Kitty…. Mommy is so sorry that you couldn’t stay anymore, your body told you that it was time to go, you are in God’s loving arms until I can hold you in mine again. I am so glad you are no longer in pain but I know your heart hurts because you are not here anymore with your loving family. Please keep Lassie, Honey, One Eye, and Speedy company
until we see you again.

Love Mommy, Daddy, Blakey, Mama Kitty,
Baby Girl, Oreo, Buddy, and Mo Mo….


Celina Sherman