by Chrissy-Loving Mommy to Fat Jean / Mommy

Today was a terrible day for me. I had to have my 10 yr old cat “put to sleep”. Her name was Fat Jean. She truly lived up to her name because she was one of the fattest cats I have ever seen. I had only had her 2 years, but I rescued her from the Lexington Humane Society when she was 8. She had been there 3 months because everyone thought she was too old to adopt.

She was one of the loviest cats ever. She never met anyone she didn’t love and she had the sweetest meow. She was always talking. She was a member of our family and that’s how we treated her.

She got sick a couple days ago and I rushed her to the vet. He was able to get her stabilized and give her some temporary relief, but she got worse today and wasn’t able to fight anymore. She was only going to be here a few more hours and she was going to be very sick for the few hours she had, so we took her on back to the vet.

I’m just crushed that she is gone. I only had her for a short time and she was gone so quickly and there was nothing I could have done. Our vet did an autopsy on her afterward and she had heartworms. It’s rare in housecats, but she had it. It comes from a mosquito bite. So at least now we know with our other two cats that
we need to give them heartworm prevention.

I’m going to miss her so much. I know a lot of people can’t understand such a strong attachment to an animal. I don’t have any kids, but my cats are my babies, and today I lost one of my babies.

I’m going to miss you Fat Jean.


You'll always be with me Jean.
Chrissy-Loving Mommy to Fat Jean