by Cora Hebert / With deepest love, Cora

A Tribute To Mac, Winston, Abigail and Emily

Sometimes if I am very still, I can feel them
Not with my fingers that used to weave their way
through their fur…but with my heart

Sometimes when I’m quiet, I can see them
Not with my eyes that used to shine
at the sight of their faces ~ But in those
special places nestled deep inside

Sometimes when I’m high on the mountain,
I can hear them
Not with my ears that captured the happy
sounds they made
But from echoes in my memory

And sometimes. . .
the lonely times, I feel a terrible kind of sorrow
Not in my mind that cried out in anguish when they left
But from a pain nurtured deep in my soul

Sometimes….only sometimes…
that pain can be hard to bear So I climb high on
the mountain, the cool wind in my hair
And remember how it once was, and feel
this fierce kind of joy
Knowing that once upon a time for a little while . . .
I had it all. ~ Sometimes, it is enough.


Cora Hebert