by Curtis & Diane Alexander / Mommy and Daddy


I saw a squirrel today and it immediately made me think of you and how you were so fascinated with them. We only had to say the word squirrel and you were looking for a tree. We miss you so much. Every morning we miss you lying on your back in the middle of the floor and moving around waiting for me to come over and rub your tummy. When mommy is doing laundry I still look to see if your lying on the pile of clothes.

I even miss carrying you up and down the stairs every time you wanted me to. I miss the way you felt in my arms and the many kisses to the face you had for us. Even though we know you are in a better place and you are running around like a puppy, it is so hard to cope with loosing you. We love you hunny.


We will alway love you,
Curtis & Diane Alexander