by Darl / Mommy and Daddy

Buck came to us as an adorable ball of fur around Halloween 1991. We had the pleasure of having this wonderful pet for 13 years and 10 months..the stories I have are too many to list and I am grateful to God that we had him for so long. I guess I never really realized how much of a member of a family a pet can be till now.

My family’s life will never be the same and we will always feel as if a part of us is missing. The wonderful part is I know that one day I will see Buck again. (That may seem strange to someone who hasn’t had a pet for a long time)..but I know now that dogs do have a soul.

Thank you Buck for taking care of us for so long, we are forever grateful. Someone is never really gone as long as someone remembers them. Rest in peace friend, you earned it, we will never forget you.

We love you Buckie !!!!


Forever Grateful,