by Darrell Penrod / Darrell Penrod 2005

It is said god made angels to watch over us,
a being that hovers close by,
a shadow that follows us everywhere,
to comfort us when we need to cry.
An angel that is ever faithful,
a companion, and a friend,
he may even be sometimes playful,
trust worthy and devoted to the end,
An angel that will always care,
will love you and always be there.
I had an angel by my side for awhile.
He shared my life and made me smile.
My angel went home not so long ago,
I loved my angel and I miss him so.
He was all these things and his name was Bo.

Bo was a Mini Schnauzer
Born 03/1994 died 03/2005.
He was truly a gift from heaven.


Darrell Penrod