by Dawn Reyes / Written in a day of reflection

of the love of my pet

If I were a tree would you cut me down?
If I had wings would you clip them and pluck me so I couldn’t fly anymore?
If I were a dog would you chain me to a fence with a really short choke chain?
If I were an angel would you cause me to fall?
IF you answered no, you are my friend.
Who am I?
Every animal on the planet without a voice other than the one heaven gave me.
I am love in a form lovely and gentle and kind and afraid.
But I trust you. ( can I trust you) should I trust you>?
If I were to stay next to your pillow at night to cuddle would you mind sharing?
If you feed me and bathe me and tickle my tummy exposed to you in joy,
I trust you, and I love you.
I love you too.

By Ladybuglaydeecat


Dawn Reyes