by Debbie Carlsen / Debbie Carlsen

I said goodnight to Screamer,
at the end of our long day.
Somewhere in the night,
the Angels carried him away.

We had you for a short time,
and in our hearts love did flow.
We never would have known,
that God had needed you so.

You came to us by chance,
and in our house you came.
Your tiny body weakend,
from something unexplained.

The tears I let flow so easy,
is the only solace for my pain.
The emptiness I feel right now,
I really can’t explain.

God had other plans for you,
although not understood.
One day I’ll know the reason,
why he only takes the good.

Your memory will linger here,
the pain I feel will cease.
I know you are running free,
now that you’re at peace.


Debbie Carlsen