by Deborah Holaday / Deborah Holaday

From the glass door
Looking and I see Rebel
Resting quietly in his favorite spot, beside the
Bb-q on the cool smooth pavement of the porch.
The sun is bright and the breeze warm,
on this lazy summer day in July.
Weak from his old age,
Rebel doesn’t move around much.
He lifts his head and meows a soft meow,
in response to when I call his name.
His eyes look tired,
yet show his years of the full wonderful life he’s lived.
Once he was big and strong and now he’s small and fragile.
His sweet spirit remains the same
as strong as ever and that will never change,
nor will all the loving memories we share.
Soon, much to soon,
Rebel will leave me behind.
Rebel will close his eyes to sleep,
in a slumber of heavenly dreams.
From the glass door looking out,
I will see Rebels favorite spot
on the cool smooth pavement of the porch,
and empty is the place
he once rested on those last lazy summer days in July.
Deborah Holaday July 16th, 2002


Deborah Holaday