by Desiree Bell / Desiree Bell Hopes Mommy

I saw you there looking scared, I took you in my heart and home on August 2, 2008, you looked at me and trusted me to care for you, you cuddled under my neck always looking at me know I would take care of you. I told always I would take care of you and make you better, I took you to the vet to make you better assuring you it would okay cuddling you under my neck in your blanket and you looking at me. I told you I am making you better and going to care for you forever and then they gave you medication and the Angels came and took you away in my arms, I started crying and my heart broke into pieces. I am so so sorry I told I would care for you and everything would be okay instead I let the Angels take you away. I can’t stop crying and all I see is you looking up at me and me telling you it’s okay. I love you and miss you, you took my heart and soul and someday you will come meet me at the Angels gate. I LOVE YOU DEARLY HOPE MOMMY


Desiree Bell