by Dianne Handy / Mom

It’s been almost a year since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. My sweet girl, there hasn’t been a day go by that I don’t think about you and miss you. I still have your picture on my computer and ache to hold you when I see it. Everything reminds me of you and some days,
I can still feel you with me.

We just had a small amount of snow the other day. I could see you in my mind and heart, running and chasing the snow flakes. It made me smile and feel you with me.

I know you’re waiting patiently for me and watching over all the Poodle kids and I…..I feel you with me. Just continue to play
and be happy my sweet girl.

Your not a baby any more, you would have been 2-years old in October….a big girl now. I’ll bet you are absolutely stunning, but then you always were.

Be well my sweet Angel.


Forever in my heart,
Dianne Handy