by Don & Nancy Lancor / Donald & Nancy Lancor

Our special angel Roo taught his daddy & mommy so much in such a short time. This little man was a month and a half short of being 13 yrs old and had only lived about 4 1/2 of those years with his new daddy & mommy. He was such a grateful and polite gentleman. He would come and put his little paw on your leg and pat you so that you would pick him up and put him on your lap. He would then slowly work his little tiny body up your chest and then his little head would lay up under your neck. He love so to cuddle and we loved cuddling him back. We miss him so much and cry for him still since he went to the bridge on Feb. 16, 2003. We still feel his little presence here
with all of us in our motorhome.

His minpin brother and minpin sister sure do miss him too. When Roo went blind with diabetes, before we had surgery on his eyes where he could see again, Ziggy his brother would lead him around and watch that he didn’t bump into things, they did really well together. You wouldn’t think a 7 pound furbaby could make such an impact but he sure did.

You showed us what real unconditional love is all about our sweet Roo. We are sure making the best of the time that is left for our other babies in our care because you never know when they will be taken from us to be called to the Rainbow Bridge. You also taught your mom to have patients
when things aren`t going well.

We also pray for our little girl Zarah to get well after being so sick. Please Precious Roo watch over these other babies and be there for them when it is their turn to go to the bridge and show them the way like I am sure that
your little sister minpin Minnie did for you.

Thank you kind gentleman Rosco for coming into our lives and making it that much more richer, even if it is sooooo lonely without your sweet gentle face and those big beautiful brown eyes. thank you, thank you baby boy, We will all be together again. Until then, SEE YOU LATER ROO.

With All Our Love, Daddy & Mommy


Don & Nancy Lancor