by Eleni Taylor / Mommy

I miss you with all my heart my beautiful chocolate boy, Max. You were a special gift to us and we cherished every minute with you.

You entertained us in so many ways, that being with you was better than doing anything else.

You are our sweet boy and we will always love you. I yearn to kiss you one more time, and tell you how much I love you to
your beautiful brown eyes.

Everyone you met loved you. You were always the most beautiful boy, inside and out. People commented on how gorgeous you were when we walked down the street to Starbucks. I was the lucky one, because you were with me! I got to hold you, love you and kiss
you a thousand times a day.

You are a mommy’s boy and I loved that about you. I loved that you loved me so unconditionally. I lived and breathed everything about you.

It has only been 1 week since you crossed to Rainbow Bridge, and you have left a big void in our hearts. You went so suddenly, while I was away. I am sad that I was not there to comfort you when you needed your mommy the most. Maybe you knew that I could not handle your leaving. I know you never liked when I cried. You are a brave little boy, Mr. Max, and I miss you with all my heart. Bobby is missing you too, and he was glad that he could hold you and comfort you
in your time of need.

You have been with us through happy and very difficult times. Without you, we couldn’t have gotten through some of these things.

When we moved from Va, your hometown, to Florida, you were such a good boy in the long car trip. You adapted to your new home so well. You finally were able to put your paws in the sand.

I have never loved as much as I have loved you. You made us a family, and made us smile always. You have impacted our lives in such a profound way. You taught us how to love, and enjoy
the simple things in life.

I will never forget your bright shining brown eyes and beautiful brown poodle fur. I know that one day we will meet again, until then I will cherish every memory of you.

You are my light always.
Good night my sweet Prince, Max.


We will always love you our beautiful chocolate boy,
Eleni Taylor