by Ella M. Dillion


Good Dog

My ashes now rest on the mantle,

I've gone to my home in the sky.

Master I want to thank you

for your soft and loving good~bye.

I always tried hard to please you,

I did the best that I could.

My aim was to gain your approval

and hear you say I was good.

At one time they called me a bad dog,

until you came on the scene.

Your love has made me a good dog

I'm grateful you did intervene.

You have my eternal devotion

although I no longer abide

in the earthly home you inhabit,

my love transcends time and tide.

Ella M. Dillon

The Poem " Good Dog " sent

to me from doggie heaven by Ghenges

after we lost him to bone cancer.

Ella M. Dillion