by Elysia / (Elysia Eastty copyright 2006)

You walk the steps to heaven,
and wait there at the gate.
If no one comes to let you in,
then sit there and await.

When the angel of the heavens,
finally lets you in.
Feast your eyes on the perfect world,
and let your fun begin.

All the things you love to do,
watching squirels and bugs.
And all the things you used to do,
like chasing mopy pugs.

Then you sadly look down to earth,
and see tears streaming down my face.
My best friend is no more,
and my heart is in a race.

Faster and faster it pumps,
and the more I realize.
My pretty cat is gone forever,
she now lives in the sky.

I hope your having fun,
up in god’s cloud kingdom.
And don’t be sad well meet again,
I can’t wait for that day to come.