by Emily / Emily Webs, Copyright 2006

It’s hard to believe its happening
at first when your pet friend leaves.
It takes time for you to accept it
and for everyone to stop, who grieves.

The gap in your life stays empty.
It can not be replaced.
Your pet has flown away now
In heaven they are now placed.

It’s hard to look at pictures
And remember their loving smile.
You long to have one more day with them
To be with them for a while.

You are glad they are without any pain
And can joyfully run free.
But sometimes alone you find yourself cry
“My friend, come home to me”.

Finally you accept that they are gone
Even thuogh a part of you still thinks it’s wrong
But don’t worry, one special day you’ll reunite with your pet
Back together, where you belong.

For my two lovely rabbits, Bushy and Dylan who have passed to the other side. See you again- love you.