by Emily, Mickey, and Jeremiah / Emily Partain copyright 2013

You were there for our family
We worked together
You learned new things every day
You even learned how to carry flowers to people
You could brighten any day
We loved you
You are gone but not forgotten
You gained your angel wings on January 19th, 2013
Our neighbor did a horrific thing
He took you away from us
Now you are our angel in Heaven
Four short years were not enough with you
It ended all of a sudden
We think of the good memories with you
Every day we think of you
Some day we will meet in Heaven
You will be able to catch food,
take flowers to everyone, play tug,
and we can do all of your tricks and more
We will be able to hug each other again someday
We love you,
Sweet angel Danny


Emily, Mickey, and Jeremiah