by Eri and Shawn / Eri

PinPin, our beloved female cat, passed away on Oct. 17, 2001, exactly one year ago. Since her passing came so suddenly, and that she was still so young at five years old, the sadness of having lost her was unbearable. After one year now, the tears are rarely shed, and the sadness has been mostly replaced with fond memories of the wonderful five years we spent together. But I refuse to let the time make me forget her softness, loyalty and unconditional love, and miss her friendship and companionship dearly.

I will never forget how she monopolized my lap all stretched out everytime I sat on the couch, and how she greeted me standing tall on her hind legs like a prairie dog! PinPin, I wish you could hear me say I love you! I still love you so much! And you loved me so!!!!!


Rest in peace, PinPin,
Eri and Shawn