by Fern DeFelice / Fern DeFelice

My Sweet and Loving Buddy Bear, I miss you so much baby, you were the little boy of our clan, and you were always so sweet and loving with all you met, you were my little shadow, and when the time came to let you go it was so so hard to do, but you were no longer happy being in this world with the pain and discomfort you were enduring, so I had to say Good Bye, but just for awhile, as I will see you again one day over the Rainbow Bridge, and I know you are visiting and living happily with Ciara Gilley and Pickey of which you had not meet Picky, anyway I will be so happy to one day join all of my precious Angels, when the time is right, Buddy thank you for sitting on my lap the first day we met, I will never forget you, I love you forever and ever….Love Mommy

Dear precious Buddy Bear,

Mama thinks of you quite often; you were without a doubt the sweetest and best baby boy ever. I really miss you and yet I am so glad you are not suffering with your heart pains anymore, but I sure do wish I could hold you one more time. I do pray Buddy I did not give up on you too soon. I just did not want you to feel any more pain; you were so strong to keep trying to go on, but I finally realized you were mostly doing so for me, to please me, as you always did you are so missed and Buddy I love you with all my heart, and your little sweet ashes sit right next to me at my bedside table and I always have a little part of you near me. I love you my sweet baby boy, and one day I will see you again and be able to hold you which you so loved me to do….Love you baby Buddy.


Fern DeFelice