by Frankie / Mommy

It has only been a week since you started your journey towards Rainbow Bridge. I sat here tonight thinking about you and wanted to write down the feelings that washed over me. Once in a lifetime a special friend crosses your path. Grey, you were that special friend. There was something so different about you. The way you seemed to understand just what people needed. The way you talked to everyone and greeted everyone no matter who they were. You always had something funny to say. You had such a presence that everyone noticed little Grey. Such a funny little guy, you were like a little kitty comedian. We all laughed at your antics. I remember when my dog Sandy hurt your feelings, so true, you showed that and I just was amazed by it. So sweet and so kind. I cannot even tell you how much you are missed. I feel blessed to have had a chance to know you Grey, I truly feel like I encountered an angel. I believe with all my heart that you were on a mission from God. He has now called you home and although your time here was brief, I smile knowing that you have earned your wings little fellow. Rainbow Bridge will soon be smiling and laughing at their new little comedian. Rest in Peace, my little angel.


Love and miss you little buddy,