by Gayla Riggins / Gayla Riggins Copyright 2006

We went to the pound with intention to buy
a cute little mutt for the boys,
but when we arrived I found a surprise
that for years would bring us great joy.

We walked all amoung the rather large dogs
but none of which we really approved,
I saw a tiny black furball crouched tight in the corner
so scared that she hardly could move.

“How about that one”, I asked an attendant close by,
“Is that one ready to go”?
She opened the gate and reached and grabbed it
and sid “Yes, I do believe so”.

I took that little furball right into my arms
and instantly I fell in love,
with that sweet little puppy that needed a home
she was sent from our God up above.

A six week old Cocker, can you believe it,
and a black and tan one at that!
She’s ready to go, she’s yours if you want her
if you’re sure you don’t want a cat.

I shook my head “NO” and walked to the counter
with that puppy held tight in my arms.
We paid the lady the money and signed all the papers
and then began to learn her sweet charms.

“Her name is Chelsea, she’s had all her shots,
her family had nowhere to keep her”
“We’ll love her”, we promised, “she’ll have a good home”
we said as I stroked her soft fur.

Away we went home with what would then come
an addition to our family,
a four legged sweetheart we loved very dearly
a great companion she turned out to be.

Fourteen years have now passed and our baby is gone
but we still have our great memories,
of that sweet little furball that came to our home
our friend the most perfect Chelsea!!!


Gayla Riggins