by Georgia / MOMMY

Its been five years since you left us Bear on that dreadful January day you were suppose just be having a lump removed,but God had another plan for you he needed another Angel. I go through all the memorys I have of you and look at the picture that we have of you and tell everyone about my Wonder Dog and how warm and loving you were and always will be I know that you are with me I see other Labs and
think of you I still cry for you.

I know that you are with me when I’m sad I also know that you are playing patches and all of the family that is up there with you. I have never gotten another dog.
I will one day and when I do you will not be forgotten Baby I feel guilty sometimes that I wasn’t with you the day you left us I will never forget the chest pains I was having at the time you left us I knew there was something really wrong. Your Grampa and Gramma still miss you too Grandpa made the right decision to let you go so you would not suffer he still struggles with his decision it was the right one Baby I hope you will send Gramma and Grandpa an angel that they can love again take some of his pain away from him. Your smile was one that will always be in my Heart. I love you baby and will see you again when I get to heaven.


You will alway be with me Love you,