by Gloria Eminhizer / Mommy, Dudley & Ginger Lou

Reese and I started our life together when he was four months old, he had a seizure a couple days after he was with me. The vet told me to take him back to the original owner. I said no that I loved him to much already- he had so many health problems and he suffered so many days because he had allergies so bad-he will always be my special angel- I love him so much and miss him desperately. He taught me so much-what I wouldn’t give to have you back My Precious Angel-please be waiting for me the other side.

I can’t wait to see you! I cry every single day for you.Your bed is still in the same spot with your pictures and tennis balls all over it. Until that sweet day comes,you’ll be in my heart forever! Good Bye My Precious Angel-There’s no more pain now! Love, Mommy,Dudley(that misses you terribly) and Ginger Lou


Good Bye My Precious Angel,
Gloria Eminhizer